Four Steps to Success

Step 1 Contacting and Inviting  

The power of sending video emails to invite friends and contacts to learn about Univera is that it instantly and easily gets new associates into the income generating activity of making exposures and telling the story, jump starting their recruiting and team building efforts.

A) Enter a contact name and information into the contact manager in PowerBuilder. go to:

  • Options
  • Select Send Video Email
  • Select “Why?”
  • Click on Send

B) Call your prospect and tell them that you have just sent them an email with a short video that you’d like them to watch. You might say something like this:

    • “Hello Karen, it’s John, I have just sent you an email, it should be in your inbox, the subject line is “WHY ??”. I think you’re going to find it very interesting, I sure did. In fact I’m very excited about it. It’s a short video. You can watch it on your mobile phone or your tablet. It’ll basically just invite you to take a little time to learn about how you can own your life, physically and financially. There’s also a couple of questions about Health, Wealth and Purpose that you can answer. By the way Karen, this is the cool part, as soon as you click on watch the video, I’ll get a text message telling me that you’re watching it so I’ll know that you’re interested or at least open to having a conversation about learning more. Thanks, have a great day, can’t wait to talk to you again. Bye for now.”

C) Once the prospect opens the email and begins watching the video, you receive a text message informing you the prospect is watching. Completing the Health, Wealth & Purpose survey also generates a text message. Survey responses can be found on the contact’s profile page in PowerBuilder by clicking on the Notes icon under the contact’s profile picture.

The benefit of this approach is that it rapidly and easily helps you find out which of your contacts will become potential customers and associates and to eliminate those who are not interested in learning more. This process shows you and your associates where to invest time, and where not to.

D) As soon as your prospect starts watching the video, and you get a text message, this is your signal to contact them and find out if they’re open or interested to learn more and if they are, let them know you’re sending another video email with the subject “Watch This”.

  • Find them in Contacts
  • Options
  • Send Video Email
  • Select Watch This
  • Click on Send

Let them know… “The video is all about health, wealth and purpose and it is a short overview.” Tell them that if they like what they see and if they’re open to learn more, there’s more information available. Encourage them to go to step 2 in the email and click the link to watch the Metabolic Makeover 2.0 video.

E) Once again, as soon as your prospect opens the email and begins to watch the video you will receive a text message informing you that they are watching. The action for the associate to take now is to connect with the prospect and invite them to take a deeper look into how Univera can help them achieve their goals. At this point the associate should tell the prospect to look for the next video email titled, “A Track to Run On” in their inbox.

  • Find them in Contacts
  • Options
  • Send Video Email
  • Select A Track to Run On
  • Click on Send

F) Again, the associate is notified when their prospect watches the videos in the “Track to Run On” email, prompting them to do another follow-up. At this point the associate’s action should be to find if the prospect is receptive to learning about how to earn money with the compensation plan. If the prospect is receptive, the email to select under the options tree is “Making Money”.

After this process is complete many prospects are ready to pick a pack and get started. Get them signed up and complete the other STEPS TO SUCCESS. If they are not ready to make a decision, it is simply a matter of continuing to move the prospect along with events, team calls, UniveraTV and WebEx webcasts until the prospect is ready to make a decision and get started.

Step 2 The One on One (FORE) Conversation  

Live or on WebEx to discover the prospect’s WHY, and their level of interest. The purpose of this meeting is to: 

  1. Move them into action and continue to build the relationship
  2. Discover the unfulfilled needs in the prospects’ lives
  3. Show them the systems and tools that enable them to build a business.

Use the following formula (F. O. R. E.) to ask questions about your prospects to learn more about what is going on in their lives, thereby determining how Univera can help them. 

  • Family – tell me what’s going on with the family, or, how long have you been in Colorado?
  • Occupation –tell me the one thing you love the most about your career, or, if you could design the perfect job for you, what would it look like?
  • Recreation – tell me about your favorite recreational activity, or, are you getting enough time to spend doing the things you love?
  • Expectation – if time and money were not issues for you, describe what a month in your ideal life would look like.

The entire purpose of the FORE conversation is to discover what Univera can offer to help them get more out of life, and to schedule the next step in the Four Steps to Success – the Team Event 

Step 3 The TEAM Events  

Live events, or UniveraTV, or a TEAM WebEx. 

Having your prospects attend events is the most powerful way for them to see the big picture, and the bigger the event, the bigger the picture they will see. 

At the event they will hear multiple speakers, see a number of videos, hear various testimonials, and get to listen to others’ success stories. After the event, socialize with your prospects, build the relationship, and introduce them to people they have something in common with, and then be certain to set up a face to face follow up, scheduled within the next 24 – 48 hours. 

The best thing about the Monday evening UniveraTV broadcast and the Tuesday evening Leadership Webcast is anyone, anywhere, can have access to some of Univera’s top leaders from the comfort of home. Some Associates invite their friends and team to join them, show the Webcast on a big screen, and turn it into an event. 

Step 4 The Individual Planning Session  

Live or on WebEx 

Everyone needs to get off to a great start, so the next follow up appointment should be used for an Individual Planning Session (IPS) to help your prospects launch their businesses in a way that assures they will reach their goals. 

If possible, have your sponsor or up team leader join you for the IPS. The purpose of this appointment is to lay out a business plan to help your prospects achieve their goals and to show the resources available to them. 

  • The following priorities need to be accomplished at the IPS:
  • Understanding the Compensation Plan
  • Find out about the prospects’ why, what they really want to achieve
  • Develop a clear understanding of The Four Steps to Success
  • Lay out a plan to help them achieve their goals
  • Begin the List building exercise>
  • Build a full calendar
  • Get into activity – Begin sending out the first “Why?” video email to at least 10 of their contacts.

Game On

Now it’s time to put it all into practice. The more activity you generate, the better you will become and the faster you will succeed. Remember, we are all here to help you. You are part of a team, and the more you become a team player the easier it becomes and more fun you will have. See you at the next event.

Download as PDF  IPS