Leadership-Movement and the PowerBuilder brand are created by top Univera field reps, much like yourself, with the sole purpose of helping members at all levels be more efficient, productive and successful. This, naturally, benefits all the leaders as well.  

What Leadership Movement is NOT: 

  • It is NOT a “Look how awesome I am!” site to build egos. 
  • It is NOT a cheesy ploy for XXX. 
  • It is NOT a waste of your time. 

What Leadership Movement IS: 

  • It IS a place for Univera leaders to share information. 
  • It IS a resource for Univera leaders to provide tips and tricks to your downline. 
  • It IS a platform for PowerBuilder – which is being offered at WHOLESALE pricing to everyone. 

What PowerBuilder is NOT: 

  • It is NOT an off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). 
  • It is NOT a marked-up waste of time. 
  • It is NOT a time-wasting, poorly designed database. 

What PowerBuilder IS: 

  • It IS a fully customized CRM. 
  • It IS tailored to the unique needs of Univera associates. 
  • It IS built by an industry leading database team. 
  • It IS crafted by the input and guidance of Univera leaders, using their own proven methods. 
  • It IS a massive step up from sticky notes, lost business cards and slow spreadsheets. 
  • It IS as safe as international bank websites. 

Hopefully this all helps to show you the positive impact that Leadership Movement and PowerBuilder are attempting to achieve by revolutionizing how Univera leaders and associates manage their business relationships.