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Leadership-Movement.com was developed by a group of Top Field Leaders with decades of experience in the Relationship Marketing Industry. This group of Top Leaders are focused on helping Univera associates at all ranks achieve greater success.

PowerBuilder is a Software system developed exclusively for Univera associates that allows you to leverage technology, effectively manage your Univera Business and follow a simple system that can keep you on track and grow your business.

Isn’t it time you have the proper tools, training, resources and support to help take you where you want to go? 


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Some of the major benefits you’ll realize when using the PowerBuilder include:

1) Understanding and Effectively Managing your Prospecting Process – Including Leadership Movements exclusive 60 in 90 prospecting strategy to help you build your team fast.
2) Greater Team Collaboration – with PowerBuilder you can connect with other users and seamlessly share information, allowing everyone to be on the same page and work together as a team independent of your location.
3) Mobility – Access PowerBuilder from any Internet enabled device, Computer, Smart Phones and Tablets; with mobile apps coming soon.
4) Duplicable Process – Enable your new business building associates to replicate your success by having a uniform system to follow. PowerBuilder keeps your associates to track and provides them with the same tools, resources, training, and support to achieve a greater outcome within their business.


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