Blue Diamond

Ann Magee – Blue Diamond

Enrolled: 08/17/2014 Ann Magee has been able to build a successful Univera business while still able to be a full time mom to he 2 children. With a background in real estate and the mortgage business, she saw Univera as an opportunity to diversify her family’s income. When she lost her husband in 2007, Univera(…)

Alan & Jan Keranen – Blue Diamond

Enrolled: 02/23/2003 Jan & I have been in networking for over 30 plus years and we have been among the highest income earners in each of the 4 major companies we have been with in this time frame.We have been married for 35 years and we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren that we spend(…)

John & Karen Rogers – Blue Diamond

Enrolled: 9/18/2000     As a Portfolio Manager for Prudential Financial I learned there are only two ways to make money. Money at work and people at work and the only way to create real wealth is to leverage one or both.  The best way to leverage people is by offering them a partnership with(…)